Advertise With Us

To help cover the costs of running this site, we will be offering a small number of paid-for sponsorship places to promote your project.

What Is Available?

There will be a maximum of three available slots at any one time. Slot A will be the largest, Slots B and C will be equal size, but with Slot B being slightly preferable due to position. If any slots are not booked at any given time, sizing will adapt to compensate, but retain a hierarchy.

Sponsored project slots will appear at the top of the homepage, this is the primary location. However, they will also be included in other areas of the site. Wherever they appear, there will be a clear indication that they are sponsored content.


Ad Placement Mockup
Mock-up - subject to change.

How Does It Work?

Placements will be bookable in units of 7 days. Fees can be paid with ADA only. We will be constantly reviewing our offering and rates as we grow our audience.

Provide us images in 16:9 format for Slot A or 1:1 format for Slots B and C. You may send us additional changes to apply during your booking (e.g. to update that the project is now live, sold out, etc). Changes can be made by replacing the graphic and/or adjusting the text. A maximum of three changes can be made in each 7-day period.

We advise you book your slot a minimum of 7-days prior to it commencing. This allows time for any questions/discussions needed, ad approval and to generally ensure everything runs smoothly.

This page will be revised frequently to provide updated information about our audience figures, previous ad performance and other improvements.

You project must already be featured on the site before you can book a sponsored spot for it.

Email will only be used to discuss the promotion of your project on our website. You will not be placed onto any mailing lists.
Max. file size: 512 MB.
Please supply an image in 16:9 ratio for slot A or 1:1 ratio for slots B or C.
Which is your preferred slot? (Slot A is the largest/primary.)
Slots are bookable in units of 7 days.
MM slash DD slash YYYY
When would you ideally like your ad to start showing?